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Online-Marketing can take many forms these days, from content to social media or search engine placement. Defining your goals before you set out a marketing plan will bring better results than “Flying Blind” or throwing everything in to a pot and hoping something sticks.

To help you – Solar-Traffic-Ads – has many different tried and tested methods for you to follow so you will gain more visitors and a better reputation when it comes to your website or affiliate program being promoted. The ability to go from one click to your most valuable content has never been easier- Yet you need to be heard above all of the ‘Noise’ of other marketers promoting the same or similar products. We make it easy for you with our proprietary Premium Advertising Service.

Defining the three most used methods, Content Marketing for instance allows anyone to express their writing skills and show an authorative knowledge when it comes to the subject they are writing about. This in itself will gain many followers. Social Media is more about growing fans of your products or services. The more engagement you can have with your audience the more likely you are to see more fans as the pool stretches wide when the pebble is dropped. Search engine marketing has many signals, social media and content marketing being just a few of them but can garner a higher ranking through the links and traffic gained using just these two methods, thus enhancing your search engine placement.

When you place an ad, you have the ability to ‘Tweet’ or post to ‘FaceBook’ direct from below your ad – as do those who see your ad. As they can ‘Give’ them a reason to ‘Share’ your ad – a mention on your social timeline perhaps or a digital download or anything else your users would find valuable. Taking these simple actions along with linking to your add – copy and paste the url in the address bar- and then add to other blog posts or write an article and post to article directories with that url – will see your add appear in the search engines) Doing these simple actions are what is required to grow both an audience and a solid reputation that will see positive results in searches.

Your ad is a valuable commodity and not just a link placed in ‘Hyper-Space’. When you place your add you can add an email address for those who come across it, make it a specific email address that you use regularly (Gmail is Best) and keep in contact with those who respond. This is basic marketing – ask them to contact you for more details then reply in a helpful manner and you will gain more sales..